Colleen Kessler

Colleen Kessler believes that you are the absolute best teacher there is for your gifted, twice-exceptional, or otherwise differently-wired kiddo. The author of more than a dozen books for parents, teachers, and children, award-winning educator, educational coach and consultant, and passionate advocate for the needs of differently-wired kids, Colleen has a B.S. in elementary education, a M.Ed. in gifted studies, and is the founder of the popular podcast and website Raising Lifelong Learners, as well as The Learner’s Lab, a membership community of support, social and emotional education, and creative thinking lessons for differently-wired kids and their parents.

Her brand-new book, Raising Resilient Sons: A Boy Mom’s Guide to Building a Strong, Confident, and Emotionally Intelligent Family is available now wherever books are sold! Other recent titles include 100 Backyard Activities That are the Coolest, Dirtiest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever!, Raising Creative Kids: A Collection of Creativity Prompts for Children, and The Anxiety Toolkit: 96 Ways to Help Your Child Calm Their Worries.

Colleen lives in Northeast Ohio with her reading specialist husband, four delightfully differently-wired kiddos, pug, bearded dragon, red-eared sliders, and an ever-changing assortment of other small animals and insects. You can find her online at