Andrew Phan

Andrew Phan, a co-creator of The Vocal Gym for Homeschool, brings a unique perspective to the workshop on Adaptive Learning Strategies and Tools for Students with Learning Disorders in homeschooling. With his personal experience as an individual diagnosed with adult ADHD, Andrew has firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by students with learning difficulties. Drawing upon his deep understanding of neurodiversity and the impact of ADHD on learning, he has implemented effective learning strategies and pedagogies within The Vocal Gym for Homeschool. By combining his expertise in creative strategy, public speaking, and storytelling, Andrew has developed tailored approaches that cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring that students with ADHD and other learning disorders can thrive in their homeschooling journey. His commitment to empowering individuals and his dedication to fostering effective communication and learning make him the ideal facilitator for equipping homeschooling parents with valuable insights and practical tools to support their children's learning and growth.